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Any text-based information can be processed by them, from graphical design elements or rich media such as pictures, videos or flash movies, they currently only use the filename. As reduced visibility to our beautifully crafted online presence, lead spider simulators in mind. The bots only contain local seo packages textual information, links and identifiers. To the settings of the website for a good search engine indexing christina fuchs writes in chapter, the seo and social media suitable website. We consider here only the elements that we have as blog authors under control. The so-called on-page optimization. With these findings and other data on a website, search engines sort the sites in their directory. How far ahead a website appears on a search engine result page short serp to a search query, secret evaluation algorithms of the search engines decide.

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Google only gives so much money that hundreds of evaluation criteria are automatically used for this so-called ranking of a website. The algorithms at google in the year- updates see and thus influence professional seo services agency the positioning of websites in search results pages. Professional search engine optimizes always try to recognize these criteria at least in the approach for example searchmetrics ranking factors or moz search engine ranking factors. For authors, google provides hints in the webmaster tools for google-friendly sounds simple websites and in the google search engine optimization starter guide pdf. In summary: we focus on topics relevant to our readers, strive for high-quality texts, invite internet users our blog and support online reading. Sounds simple! The following observations and suggestions serve as we do. The dialogue medium social media means listening to others.

Our blog is not primarily about what we can produce from content. Rather, we focus on the interests and topics of the readers we want to reach. Almost automatically our blog contributions are relevant professional seo services agency for this section of internet users. Active social media usage and monitoring support our topic finding. With google alerts, we will point to news on the topics of our readers. For example, we are responding to articles in blogs to enrich the issue with useful added value. Or invite the blogger to an interview or as a guest guide in our blog. Obviously, we network our contribution with the original blog article. In november, google made headlines in the industry with its freshness called the search engine algorithms update. Internet sites with current content google has since ranked as more relevant than websites with obsolete content. The change is intended to provide searchers with percent fresher content than before on the first search results. Blog authors are happy: they have a fresh content in mind.

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Finally, visitors of a blog recognize by the mostly clear statement of the publication date to the blog contributions, how young a contribution and how well-maintained the blog is. For readers as a plus, because as described in the beginning, cold coffee only tastes like ice coffee in summer. I often discuss see here with authors how much artistic freedom is lost when they adapt their online texts to search engine conditions and online reading habits to have. Of course, it is possible, for example, in a literary blog to get far out and after some preface about the actual topic to write. Anyone who has encountered this search for a search query has probably not been able to keep up with the content until the content of the website is updated late. With fatal consequences: google noticed when we call up a web page from the search results page and jump back quickly. If this often happens, the content of the article probably does not match the formulated search query.